Easy Image Gallery Issue

I am using the latest version of the addon and the block is in my page type defaults, with a set selected as an example. Let’s call it “set 1”.

Next I add a page using this page type and change it to “set 2” in the Easy Image Gallery block. When I save the block and publish the page, it still shows images from set 1.

So you literally can’t change the set that the gallery shows.

No errors in the console or Concrete Log and I get the same happen in Incognito mode in Chrome as well as “normal” Chrome and Firefox.

I have also posted in the help section of this addon, but the issues there don’t seem to get answered so that’s why I have added it here.

I am using CMS version 8.5.9 and PHP 7.4, same issues when I tried in PHP7.0

So looking in the Database, for my test page it has not saved the new File Set ID ($fsID). It says 2, when the chosen set it set 5.

I got it working, user error, although it is flakey, doesn’t always save first time

Nice, glad you got it working :+1: