Easy Social Feed help

hi guys,
I realise the Easy Social Feed plugin isn’t supported anymore but I still have hope.
Does anyone have it working for facebook?

I have it all setup but when the page loads and the plugin looks like it is loading it never loads anything. I look at the source code and nothing is there. Not even any code.


Thank you kindly


For future reference I never could get this working. I think this plugin a no for facebook.

I did however get facebook working.
First create a developer account and create an app. You don’t need all the permissions but it will give them all. Remove most. Except for the permissions you need which are listed when you here to add facebook to your site:

You also need to get require.js downloaded.

Anyway - there is one catch - require.js seems to break the C5 editor. I’ll open a new thread about this. Closing this one.

The easysocialfeed plugin doesn’t work.