Edit function not working after Social Icons added/deleted from footer column

Hi all,

I am running the Atomik theme on 9.1.1 and using 8.1.0 PHP. I started with a loaded demo site and had edited a bit but now am unable to edit any of my pages. Problem began when adding the Social Links onto the homepage in the footer. I removed it in the Global Area Stacks but also cleared Footer Column 1.

The Dashboard loads however, “TO MY WEBSITE” loads nothing as does any page clicked via the dashboard ‘pages and navigation’ tab (also cannot add a new page). My error log is full of ‘Script timed out’ & ‘Allowed memory size exhausted’ errors.

Strangely as well, I noticed shortly after initially deleting Social from the footer that the icon next to ‘Social Icons’ on the main list has disappeared. Can anyone help me to figure out what happened and get me back into the edit side of the world?

Thanks :slight_smile:

@suspendedbelieft Are you able to reproduce this issue when you create a trail website? Demo Request :: Concrete CMS

Thanks so much for your reply, @jessicadunbar – as I was just in the beginning of my website design update, I ended up just reinstalling fresh & redoing at the time. :slight_smile: