Edit or delete HTML code added to webpages

I am using Concrete5 version 8.5.9 on PHP version 7.4.
I have added a HTML code on my homepage through HTML block added to the global area.

Now I wish to make some modifications to the HTML code but I am unable to find out the way through which I can do it.

One way is to revert the page version through Dashboard>Sitemap>Name of page

But here, the biggest problem comes:
If you have made modifications to this page after the HTML code was added then your recent modifications also reverted back to that time and you need to correct them.

It’s a bad thing!!

So I am searching for a way through which I can only delete or modify that HTML code only.

If there’s any way, then please let me know.


On the assumption something about the HTML in the block is preventing you from editing it:

Install my Safe HTML template: Safe HTML - Concrete CMS

The safe template would normally assigned through block design. If you can’t do that, you can override the html block template globally as per Fixing broken sites :: c5Magic

You can also see all global area under stacks and blocks in the dashboard

Hello @TMDesigns
Can I edit or delete HTML code from Dashboard> Stacks and blocks?


Yes, but give it a go

Should be


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Hello @TMDesigns
Thanks for great help, it’s better.

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