Editing File Permissions

I am using Concrete 9.2. I appreciate the help with my earlier question. I’m struggling with the file permissions. I have a directory set for files that only church members can access. However, if someone shares the link with a non-member, that non-member (someone not logged in) can access the file directly. I have turned on advanced settings. In File Manager Permissions, I have set “View Files” to Administrators, Church Members (the name of the group.) That didn’t fix it. I set the specific folder permissions to “View Files” to Administrators, Church Members and the files are still accessible with a direct link without being logged in.

What am I missing?


Well, I have worked through the issue via an older forum question found here. Restricting files access - concrete5

In short, I had to create a directory in the home (protected) area of the server.

I had to go to System & Settings, Files, File Storage Location, and add a new storage area that pointed to the directory created earlier. on the server.

Then, go back to the File Manager, and find the files you want to keep protected. Edit the specific file details. At the bottom, edit the Storage Locations and pick the newly created Storage Location.

The system will not allow someone who is not logged in to get access to the file.

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