Empty Trash Fails - version 8.5

Can’t find anything on this forum about problems with emptying trash so making this post.
I’m using version 8.5.2. I’ve show system pages and am simply trying to either empty the whole trash or go in and delete pages individually. Each time I get a timeout after 90 seconds or an error splash. Ive tried refreshing database entities and clearing cache.

This is such a simple thing I’m surprised its not working.
Any suggestions please?

The core empty trash tries to empty it all in one go. If you have a lot of trash, that can be more than the php execution limits can cope with.

You may be able to help this along manually by expanding the trash and picking off individual files.

My Extreme Clean addon automates such a process by listing then emptying the trash one page at a time and repeating so as to avoid execution limits. Extreme Clean :: c5Magic

I moved all pages out of the trash first, then clicked on ‘empty trash’ which should have shown no pages to delete but in fact read 56.
I let that run until the error appeared. I did it again and this time it said 26 pages to delete and once again let it run to the error and so on until they were all cleared.
I then put back some pages into trash and they all deleted.
I think the empty trash thing needs a bit of an overhaul in my opinion as simply deleting pages should be quick and easy.

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@deanhawthorn Thank you for your feedback. I ran into this issue recently. I set my max_execution_time to 120 and it helped me delete more at a time but like JTF mentioned if you have a lot of trash it can be more than the php execution limits.


Hi Jes, thanks for the info. I will keep in mind for future trash emptying!

I suspect (but can’t confirm) that this will not be much of a problem in version 9+. It has a new system called Tasks which I suspect could (does?) replace the way the trash currently works:

A completely new system for running PHP processes, named Tasks, that can be run instead of Jobs. Tasks feature queueing support, a much nicer syntax for developers, scheduling, a unified system for input and output, live feedback in the Dashboard, and much more.