English to EN

hi all
does anyone know how to change the country from English to EN?
Please see attached screenshot:
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-08 um 11.44.33


Do you mean changing the name in the Switch Language block? I haven’t checked if it has changed but earlier this had to be done with a Block Template.

I made mine following these instructions: https://archive.concretecms.org/community/forums/internationalization/style-language-switch-block

You put the template in the applications folder as shown here. Then you just select this template to the block.

Switch Language Block Template

dear paivik
thank you very much! this helps already a lot!
that’s what i have been looking for BUT, the links don’t work somehow… :frowning:
i mean it does not change the language to the right page. (eg from home DE to home EN)
any idea? i have version 8.5.7

Try to add this code in your switch_language block template (I believe you are using default template with select, so line 28 is a good place).
Albeit $languages array is created in controller, you can just override it in view template like that to make it simple.

$languages2 = [];
foreach ($languages as $k => $v) {
    $m = \Concrete\Core\Multilingual\Page\Section\Section::getByID($k);
    $languages2[$k] = $m->getCountry();
$languages = $languages2;

thank you very much!