Error: General Connection Failure

Hello I got 2 domains on the same server running Concrete and one of them works perfectly and other one not so much the other site keeps showing this Curl error keep in mind both sites have same server settings, same PHP settings and everything.

Its on 8.2 php and fully SSL and I am struggling see why one site is working without issues and errors whilst the other site got an error?

Error: General Connection Failure

This site cannot connect to the Concrete marketplace. Ensure curl is enabled on your web server.

Hi @gingerbread

A few steps here:

1.) You might post the environment info of the one that’s not connecting so we can verify everything looks good

2.) You can open a ticket and supply your server’s public IP there just in case it’s being blocked (unlikely).

With 2 sites, one working and one not, you can compare the environments using Environment Diff - free addon

Just got this same message after the new marketplace roll-out. Were you able to come up with a solution?

The new marketplace is only compatible with v9.3+. What version is your site running?