Error logging in as admin after V9.02 upgrade from V9.01

Hi there - Getting this error logging into my Concrete site (as admin) after upgrading to V9.02: TypeError
Argument 2 passed to Concrete\Core\Navigation\Item\Item::__construct() must be of the type string, null given, called in C:\xampp\htdocs\updates\concrete-cms-9.0.2\concrete\src\Navigation\Item\PageItem.php on line 31

Note: I am able to login as an Administrator Group user without any problems and the site appears to working OK. No errors were reported during the Upgrade.

I had a similar issue when I upgraded from V8.5.7 to V9.01 - which was fixed after expert assistance suggested a couple of core file changes to v9.01. I have made the same changes to V9.02 and encountered the new error described above. See Error logging in as admin after V9.01 upgrade from 8.5.7.

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Update: After examining the Stacktrace, I found that this v9.02 core change allowed me to login as admin without any problems:

Go to C:\xampp\htdocs\updates\concrete-cms-9.0.2\concrete\src\Application\UserInterface\Dashboard\Navigation\FullNavigationFactory.php

and comment out line 43:

///$this->populateNavigation($child, $navigation, $item);

There must be some underlying database issue causing these V9.01 / V9.02 errors - yet to be determined. So far (during testing) have not encountered any problems after making these changes.


Update: With that change to updates\concrete-cms-9.0.2\concrete\src\Application\UserInterface\Dashboard\Navigation\FullNavigationFactory.php (line 43 commented out):

There is no longer a Dashboard view of all the child pages under System & Settings. So that is a useful piece of code to keep enabled. Any thoughts as to what might be causing the problem since the upgrade to v9.02 ? Some sort of DB corruption in our site tied up with the display of child pages affecting the user admin (and not user accounts in the Administrator Group) ?

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I think you might have a problem with a table name in your database, if you can zip up a copy of the database and send it to me via a private message, I will take a look for you.

I too have the same issue when i login to my site after upgrading to 9.0.2

Error: Return value of Concrete\Core\Entity\User\GroupSignup::getUser() must be an instance of Concrete\Core\Entity\User\User, null returned

I have posted it onto the github issue list.

Update: I eventually traced the cause to an “orphan” record in the Pages table - left by a Phpcodeblock add-on that was uninstalled a year or two ago (after it triggered fatal security alerts with our website host when php code was altered). As soon as the SQL DB record was removed, we could now login to our v9.0.2 site as admin with no errors generated.