Error message in 9.2.1

Everytime I try to do anything with two of my sites after upgrading from 9.13 to 9.21 I get this error and nothing else.

An error occurred while processing this request.

Any Ideas ??


That is a default error message. You can get more info if you enable the debug output from the dashboard debug page.

Here is what I got when I did that
error message
and here are the settings

Whilst its not showing any errors in the popup, there could be further info in either or both of:

  • The browser developer console. If so, most detail will be in the Network tab expansion for the error item.
  • The site log at dashboard > reports > logs

Ohhh Boy… Guess what I found. 230 pages of…
Exception Occurred: /var/www/concrete5/public/updates/concrete-cms-9.2.1_remote_updater/concrete/vendor/symfony/serializer/Encoder/JsonEncode.php:54 Malformed UTF-8 characters, possibly incorrectly encoded (0)

Ahhh… Help !!


You could try to empty the Concrete cache

Tried it… No luck…

Was the site a fresh 9.2.1 install, or was it an update from an earlier install? If so, what version was originally installed?

I believe it was an upgrade from 9.1.3

Clear the log so you have a fresh view of what is happening now, rather than clouded by a months of that remote updater error. Then run through your problems editing, and visit the log again.

I expect remote updater checking can be disabled with an application/config value. I don’t know offhand what the key is. That may stop the error which is being logged all the time (but not cure it)

That could be the main problem, or it could be an entirely different problem getting in the way of seeing what is actually happening.

Seems I can recreate the problem by going to tasks > Generate thumbnails…
Whenever I start that task I get the error message
Messenger Worker Message Failed: /var/www/concrete5/public/updates/concrete-cms-9.2.1_remote_updater/concrete/vendor/symfony/messenger/Middleware/HandleMessageMiddleware.php:130 Handling “Concrete\Core\Command\Batch\Command\HandleBatchMessageCommand” failed: Handling “Concrete\Core\File\Command\GeneratedThumbnailCommand” failed: An image could not be created from the given input
which triggers this message
Rejected message Concrete\Core\Command\Batch\Command\HandleBatchMessageCommand will be sent to the failure transport Symfony\Component\Messenger\Bridge\Doctrine\Transport\DoctrineSender.
which triggers this message
Exception Occurred: /var/www/concrete5/public/updates/concrete-cms-9.2.1_remote_updater/concrete/vendor/symfony/serializer/Encoder/JsonEncode.php:54 Malformed UTF-8 characters, possibly incorrectly encoded (0)
Any ideas where to go from here?