Error migrating v.9 updated site to new www server

error migrating v.9 updated site to new www server

i sucessfully migrated an updated site from 8.5 to v. 9.2.7, everything worked fine. database is migrated too.

overrides and page caches are off, pretty url’s are off, cache is emty and i get following error

"Creating default object from empty value»

any ideas what is causing this?

many thanks

Are you sure your config files are not referencing the previous dev canonical URL or something like that?

As well as disabling the cache, set doctrine entities into development mode. Whilst best done before making the copy, you can do this retrospectively by editing application/config/generated_overrides/concrete.php

Can you or alan please fix it? copy on my terminal and answer here its easier. best. b

thanks for your inputs, but in my generated_overrides/concrete.php nothing seems to be wrong.

one strange thing i found was that on my dev. site where the site works fine i found in «Optimierung», that there is a page called «Datenbankprotokoll» see screenshot

when i click an that page the dev-site crashes with the following errorpage Undefined variable $innerContent

on other v.9 installations this page is not existing.

is there an relation to my problem? maybe some reminiscence of the older 8.5 site is transferred to the new site and causing another error?