Error Missing a temporary folder

I just tried to upload a single PDF file and received the following error:
Error Missing a temporary folder

I tried uploading via the Incoming Directory and it worked fine.

I don’t see any previous issues with this error in the forums. What’s the folder that’s missing?

Core Version - 9.1.3

Is there a tmp directory in /application/files? If not, there should be. If there is, it might not be permissioned correctly. You might reach out to your hosting provider for assistance.

Apparently the Default Temporary folder was missing and it was added to Concrete’s’s temporary folder with full permission inside PHP settings.

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Huh, weird. Glad you were able to get it resolved!

Which default temp file? The one in /application/files?

That’s the one I was referencing, yeah.

Thanks. I do have that folder, but I’m still getting the message the folder is missing. And the files all have appropriate file permissions.