Error on BlockType page in Dashboard - "Target class [] does not exist."

Running to an error when trying to view my Block Types in the Dashboard. When I try to view the Block Types page, I get this error:

"Illuminate\Contracts\Container\BindingResolutionException thrown with message "Target class [] does not exist.

Previous exceptions

  • Class does not exist (-1)"

I suspect this issue could be related to when I copied the core Accordion block to make a custom one. Because of the duplication, I deleted the core Accordion block from the Concrete/Blocks folder, as well as delete the table in the BlockTypes database, as well as its own btAccordion table.

I should also note that I’ve never been able to uninstall or delete a block from the Concrete Dashboard. I’ve always seen the Refresh button, but never a Delete button. Which is odd because my user account is superadmin.

Any guidance to get me out of this mess is much appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, it might take a bit longer for a response in our forums, it’s a holiday in the US. I’ll get some eyes on this early this week.

Thank you Jes! Really appreciate it. I should also say that the namespaces in all my custom blocks are correct too.

Hi @mcaphn , you shouldn’t actually modify the core that way, especially if the site has been installed. If you want to create a custom version of a core block, you most likely want to make a template for it. Otherwise, you could override the override the view and/or controller.

Here are some examples:

And just to be crystal clear on this one, you will need to find a way to restore everything you deleted (both files and the database) before you begin looking into using overrides instead. Otherwise even overrides aren’t going to work properly and you’re going to get strange and inconsistent behavior.