Error Reads "This user is inactive. Please contact us regarding this account."

Have an issue only the client is experiencing. They have an error that reads: This user is inactive. Please contact us regarding this account.

I’ve assigned them a new user, same issue, I’ve given them my logins, same issue. However, when I sign in I don’t get this issue.

The only recent changes we’ve made is adding a new page, and editing custom block/ Both made by me so not sure if it’s related.

Any suggestions welcome.

If you login to the User Search and use the Advanced Search to view Inactive Users are the users indeed Inactive? Perhaps they just need to be activated.

This can happen if you put an approval step in place for the registration.

Thanks for coming back to me. They are active, and I’ve double-checked.
However, they have been able to edit previously, so it’s just weird that it’s happening to them now. They have tried in both Edge & Chrome and get the same issue whereas if I log in as them/me I don’t get the issue.

Is your website available via http or https?

It’s only https - but the strange thing is it only happens to the client, and it doesn’t matter on the pc or ISP.

I’d open the console of the browser developer tools and see if there’s some error logged there

You also might have them close down their browser completely / clear cookies for the site.

Yep, tried this but the thing keeps coming back :frowning:

One other thing I’m wondeering is if their IP is changing or something during the same session- You might try turning off IP fixation in the dashboard and seeing if that helps. Under here, untick “log out if user IP changes” and see if that helps: