Error when creating express entry (object made with CIF)


I’ve been building a package that generates express object with CIF XML. Package installs correctly: express object and it’s attributes and form are created and I can go to them via dashboard.

Error occurs when I go to creating first entry for this new express object. The error says:
Binding entities to query parameters only allowed for entities that have an identifier. Class “Concrete\Core\Entity\Attribute\Value\Value\SelectValueOptionList” does not have an identifier.

I finally found what attribute is causing the problem:

<attributekey handle="restaurant_services_mobile_pay" 
    name="Services - mobile pay" package="restaurants" 
    searchable="1" indexed="1" type="select" category="">
    <type display-multiple-values="1" allow-multiple-values="" display-order="display_asc" allow-other-values="" hide-none-option="">
            <option value="Yes" />
            <option value="No" />

and setting this to form:

<fieldset title="Services" description="">
          <control id="d48c361a-4b6f-44ad-9534-bbba686294ea" type="attribute_key" 
              required="" custom-label="">
              <attributekey handle="restaurant_services_mobile_pay"/>

I still don’t know what is problem with this. I can make this attribute with boolean type too, but I’d like to show Yes and No options.

Hi @mandakos Did you figure this out? or are you still needing some help?
Thank you,

I was not able to make that attribute work in form by installing CIF xml file. But I can set attribute to form manually from dashboard without errors, after the attributekey is installed with CIF. So I think the problem is in CIF when setting attributekey to form control. But didn’t yet figure out what is the problem. I’m going to look into it more, but I’d be glad to hear if someone has advice or solution to this. :slight_smile: Thanks!

@mandakos that error is a Doctrine error. So potentially any custom code using Doctrine ORM could be doing something weird to cause it. Are you doing anything custom with Express or just using the core functions?