EXIF image options cause exception on file upload

Concrete version 9.1.1. Whenever I upload an image with any of the EXIF metadata Image Options checked I get an error about [object object]. The image is uploaded but I have to refresh to see it and if uploading more than one image only the first is saved.

This error is in the dashboard logs:

Exception Occurred: /vagrant/web/public/concrete/src/File/Import/Processor/ExifDataExtractor.php:200 Array to string conversion (2)

What version of PHP are you on?

I am using PHP version 8.1.2

@sparkymeister can you confirm that you have the PHP-EXIF extension installed? Also, can you share an example of an image which is causing the problem? There must be an EXIF attribute in your image which has multiple values rather than just a single value which can be typecast to a string.