Export a list of all pages

Is there a way to export a list of all the pages that exist in the sitemap like as a csv or something? We have quite a few pages on our site and I’m trying to find a way that makes sense to audit what we have.

Starting with the sitemap.xml, some options:

  1. Most spreadsheets can import XML. You may need to mess with the import settings.
  2. Find an online XML to CSV converter.
  3. (You could also do some tricks with my Universal Content Puller, but either of the above are free and likely simpler to implement. https://marketplace.concretecms.com/marketplace/addons/universal-content-puller1/)

Thanks John. I was able to pull the sitemap.xml file into excel. I know we also have some pages excluded from the sitemap, but they are far fewer and I can find them by filtering the page search in the dashboard.