Express CSV export values do not match Express View Entries screen when an Association is included

Hello all

Here’s a question related to Express, specifically how the values in the CSV export differ from the Express View Entries screen.

I am creating a few forms for a group of shops.
A form like ‘Contact A Shop’ is its own Express data object with a few attributes.
The list of shops is a 2nd Express data object with one attribute (the shop name).
Creating a one → many association between shop → contact_form objects means I can create a form and capture data. This shows up well in the dashboard as you would expect: a table containing First Name, Last Name, Shop Name. But when the data is exported to CSV the Shop Name is not included. Instead, we see a publicIdentifier value like this 64b7d25548fef764705350.

Is there a way to work around this, to get the value of an association item into the CSV export?

I am using Concrete CMS 9.2.1 and PHP 8.2.0 although the behaviour is the same with 9.0.2 and PHP 7.4.33

I would appreciate any advice or help you may be able to offer!

Many thanks


Hi @myfoodlink - are you able to recreate this on a demo here?

If so that sounds like it might be a core bug that you might submit here.

Hi Evan
Thanks for the suggestion. I have created a demo and it exhibits exactly the same behaviour in the CSV export.
So I have filed this report: Express CSV export values do not match the Express View Entries screen, when an Association is included · Issue #11594 · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub
Kind regards

Perfect, thanks Daniel!