Express Detail Block Breaks Page

I am having the following error message when placing the Express Detail block on a page.

I am running the project on version 8.5.7

The identifier id is missing for a query of Concrete\Core\Entity\Express\Form

This breaks the page it is placed on. I have to roll back the page version which removes the block to save the page.

When I use the Express List block everything is fine the problem is with the Express Detail Block.

I even cleared all the old Express Objects from the project and added a simple clean one to see if something within the objects had caused the error but the problem still occurred.

Does anyone know what can cause this error or come across it when using Express?


After extensive trial and error the undesirable work-around is to attempt to place the Express Detail Block on the page (screen grab 1) and immediately cancel the first attempt and then try to place the block again straight afterwards. The block window displays correctly (screen grab 2) and functions exactly as it should.

Someone may know what and why this works even though the error shouldn’t occur in the first place?!

Screen Grab 1

Screen Grab 2