Express Entity attribute: how to change columns

Concrete version 9.2.1

I’ve create an Express object with some attributes and entries.
In customize/search listing selected some of the Custom attributes.
Created an Express entity attribute

Now when adding this attribute to a page, and want to select an entry, I can see the entries. But the columns don’t show the Custom attributes. What I’m i missing here? How can I change this list?

You have to tick a box in the attribute

Thanks, unfortunately this was allready the case. I now did select Content included in search index aswell and did a reindex just to be sure. But no luck.

I’m using translation software, so I’m sorry if it’s hard to understand.

Have you set “FORMS”?

Sorry if I misunderstood.

Yes but I believe these are mainly used for adding object entries?

Have you set this?

Yes that has been done.

Also, Express entries works fine.
What also might be relevant. When I do select en entry true the attribute. It also shows without a name.

Ok found it. Atleast partially so the name is shown.
The Entities name mask had to be that of the main attribute.

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