Express Folder to Receive Form Results - Load Error! message

We are using Concrete 9.2.4 and PHP 8.1

I have Advanced Permissions enabled.
I have an Editors group created with a user in that group. And I have forms on our site and that group can edit the forms. When that group edits the form block, everything is working okay, except for the Results tab. The box is checked on “Results – Store submitted results of form”, but under “Express Folder to Receive Form Results” I get a “Load Error!” message, instead of showing the checked box for Forms folder.
What permissions am I missing that will resolve that load error message?

If I am logged as a user with Administrators permissions, it shows the Forms folder as expected.
Thanks for your help!
Here is a screenshot of the Load Error!

Hi Chris,
Your response suggested I check these things:
It seems there might be a permissions issue related to accessing or loading the “Forms” folder for storing results. Here’s what you can check:

Folder Permissions: Ensure that the “Forms” folder where the results are stored has appropriate permissions set. Editors group should have at least “Write” permissions on this folder.

Advanced Permissions: Double-check the advanced permissions settings for the Editors group. Make sure they have permission to access and write to the “Forms” folder.

Cache: Clear the Concrete CMS cache to ensure any permissions changes take effect immediately.

I am not sure where I go to see the “Forms” folder permissions, other than in the Custom Entry Locations within the Express Object. The Forms folder has Editors being able to View, Add, Edit and Delete Entries. Is that what you are talking about?

The post you are replying to was deleted as spam. A new account created just for that post containing generic text and some of it was badly misleading.

Thanks @JohntheFish.
I was wondering my the reply didn’t show up on my post.
Can you shed any light on the issue I am having described on my original post?
Here is a screenshot of the Load Error!

@JohntheFish - Just curious if you have seen the error I am experiencing and if you can help me solve this. I appreciate any help you can give me on this. Thank you!

I have not seen that error. But then I avoid using Express for anything beyond trivial (I have Form Reform).

Maybe @EvanCooper can provide some pointers on your problem He usually checks through posts towards the end of the week.

Thank you for your help and copying @EvanCooper on this. I hope he can help me solve this. I am at a loss to what I am missing.

Hi there,

So this is typically an issue of permissions - make sure you have permissions set here:

Hi Evan,
Thank you for the response. I already have the permissions set at the “Forms” folder. Do you have any other ideas?
Here is a screenshot.

Yeah view entries should be the one, so hmm. You said it’s on forms - is that the parent node? Have you confirmed the permissions on the specific node you’re dealing with? On the off chance it’s not inheriting from hierarchy.

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Hello @EvanCooper - Yes, the permissions are inheriting correctly on lower nodes. Do you have any other ideas? Thank you for your help so far.

Hmm - it might be helpful to post the general permissions signature for the group user in question, meaning what all do they have permissions to? I know it’s a bit to collate, but it’s going to be hard to troubleshoot otherwise.

Alternatively you can set up a demo site and see if you can recreate the permissions setup there.