Express Form Confirmation E-mail not being Sent

Hey Everyone

I have a Concrete CMS 8.5.4 site for a client that I use two Express Forms to collect basic data from site users. When a user enters the data a submits the form. The confirmation e-mail that is supposed to go out does not.

When I check the Reports > Logs page I get the two following errors.

This seems like a server configuration issue. I would recommend getting access to a free/cheap SMTP server like Sendgrid, and configuring Concrete’s email to work with an external SMTP server (and inputting the info from Sendgrid into there.) Then try re-sending email and see if it works. It could be that your server isn’t set up to send email using PHP.

Hey Andrew

Thanks for the the reply. I have 4 other Concrete sites on the server and they send out e-mails notifications just fine. When I looked at the log this issues seems to have started around February 2022.

The from address is and this could be causing the SPF check to fail. SPF specifies authorized sending domains/IP addresses. Also note that the SPF record for has some issues. Gmail could be failing on the SPF check tossing that e-mail notification, possibly to spam.

As Andrew suggested, best to use an outbound SMTP service. SendGrid is fine, MailerSend is awesome.