Express form doesnt send notification mail

I’m creating a website for a client but the express form doesn’t send a notification mail to anyone. We’ve build a lot of concrete5 websites but so far this is the only one that just send a form email.

Website is running concrete5 8.5.4. The email is hosted on our own server. I created a custom block that uses the concrete5 mail function which works. I also receive an email after submitting the forgot password form. I copied the settings from another website that is working perfectly. I am 99% sure that I done everything right.

I’ve been on this issue for 2 days and browsed nearly every post about ‘forms not mailing upon submission’ on this forum and none of the suggestions worked for me. What else can I do a this point? I could create a custom form but that doesn’t solve the issue but only avoids it.

Summary: Form works but the confirmation mail of the form doesnt. All other stuff that uses mailing does work.

Did you check in the logs if you had confirmation that the email was sent or, on the contrary, an error?

The only report I get back from the logs is that the captcha sometimes fails if I take too long to submit. It doesn’t say that it was either send or not send.

I just discovered that there isn’t a checkbox next to the ‘Send form submissions to email addresses’ email. Very strange. I replaced the form block with a fresh one from Github but that didn’t do anything. So something somewhere isn’t creating the checkbox.

Ok turns out that the previous developer added a css line that made the checkbox dissapear.

So after 3 days of troubleshooting mailing, the issue was 1 single line of css. I hate my job.

Thanks anyway.

I have this same issue using a fresh C5 install (v8.5.7) - haven’t touched the CSS. Requesting help/advice please.

For some reason kshukla has my email address in their profile - so I posted the query from that profile by mistake. I will sort that out as a separate issue.

If anyone can please advise on the email issue? Nour - I saw you responded earlier. Does this submission form no longer allow the submission to be sent to the user? I have installed a fresh C5 v8.5.7.

Thank you in advance.

@kshukla it still send emails but it never allowed to send the submission to the user, it sends it to a list of specified email addresses set in the block’s settings.