Express Form File Uploads

I have an Express Form setup that collects a lightweight Employment Application.

I am using the File Upload Attribute to allow visitors to upload their resume.

I have the “Add Uploaded Files to Folder” option enabled. While the uploaded file is indeed added to the desired folder, it is also added to the File Manager Root as well resulting in a duplicate file.

Viewing the Express Entry shows the File ID of the File in the “Custom” Folder as the URL for the Uploaded File Attribute.

How do I stop the Form/Express from creating two copies of the file?

I also noticed that if I set a Custom Storage Location for the folder, files uploaded to the folder are not stored in the custom storage location (The files remain in the Default Storage Location). I am trying to use a Custom Location so I can control access to the uploaded resumes.

Another idea I was considering was a Custom Handler for the Express Form that could add a File Password.

Thanks in Advanced

I found this GitHub Issue which seems to be the culprit.

I’m encountering this in 9.1.3 - when I use the ‘Image/File’ type with ‘HTML Input’ option in a regular form. Not express form. Two files get put into the File Manager.

Hi @fridayphoto - when you say “regular form” do you mean the form block (which is an express form) or the legacy form block?

Yes, ‘Form’ block. Image/File type. Input Format: HTML Input.

Say I upload two files. In the File Manager, two sets of two show up. Each set with a minute difference in ‘Date Modified’.

@fridayphoto Thanks for the details. Yep, I can recreate that.

I would submit that as a core issue here - thanks!:

And I have badged you up with the Bug Reporter badge - we appreciate it!