Express Forms INSERT INTO ERROR in Concrete 9.0.1

I tried to create an express form and get this error below.

I got Legacy form to work and return the results in a spreadsheet but wonder why this isn’t working in this newer version ?

Also there is a Survey section in the Dashboard that doesn’t seem to tie to the Form I used for a survey. Are there instructions on that somewhere ? Is there a limit to the responses that the Legacy form can receive ? I need to send this to 165 users and don’t want to find out afterwards, that the limit was 100 or something like that.

Liz (not a programmer)

Try to update to latest version of concrete5 first.

I guess you are creating form when adding “Form” block to page? If I recall correctly, temporary solution was to create form through dashboard first (Dashboard/System and Settings/ Express) and then just select existing Express object when adding block.
It was that or some other bug - not 100% sure.

“Surveys” ("/dashboard/reports/surveys") page in dashboard is not meant for “Form” block but for different core block called “Survey”.

Form entries can be found in “Form Results” ("/dashboard/reports/forms").

Legacy Form entries can be found in “Form Results” ("/dashboard/reports/forms/legacy").

Check also “Custom Entry Locations”: “/dashboard/system/express/entries” - everything below “Forms” folder will be displayed on “Form Results” page.
If you create form manually in Dashboard, you will probably need to move your form under “Forms” folder (if not, your form signups will be displayed in “/dashboard/express/entries”).