Express, name masks and user attributes

Hi, i am using 9.1.1 and im trying to do the following. In express i set up dataobjects for a organisation with several branches and managers

  • The branches gets the usual treatment of contact info and location.
  • Managers are basically a User Selector since they all have accounts

Since they all have accounts with all their information filled out i would want to use the excisting user attributes in the user profile to show in the express forms instead of repeating myself in the express form and creating errors. I tried using the name masks to call for the user attributes but no luck, anyone got any idea how to get this working?

thx for reading!

What do you mean by:

to show in the express forms


Are those express forms in frontend, custom forms in frontend or forms in dashboard?

If you are using user selector (instead creating another express object), then you would need to edit data in both dashboard “Express” page and “Users” page.

You can display all data in frontend (but it could require some custom coding depending what do you want to achieve).

i mean in de forms you can access at /dashboard/express/entries
basically i want to pull data from the user profile (first and last name userattributes) into those forms so that instead of showing the uID as it does now when working with the user selector attribute, i thought it could work with name masks but no luck

If you are using a User Selector Express Attribute, That should be storing their user ID in the express database. If you grab that ID, then get the user by ID you can get access to all their information. You might be able to override /dashboard/express/entries, but I think it might be tough to do, maybe a custom single page would be the way to go, but it’s going to take a bit of custom coding. Express ain’t that easy to customize.

Ah i see, i thought that you could also load that info from the dash, no biggie, ill make something custom then to fit my needs, thx!