Extend Concrete5 v9

In v9’s dashboard it still says “Extend Concrete5”, should it not just read “Extend Concrete” since the 5 has been dropped?

In the Core Version - 9.1.2 that I am using it says “Extend Concrete” so perhaps you are using an earlier version of V9?

9.1.2 here.
This is an upgrade from 8 that I’m seeing this on, not a fresh install.
Also show for the Update Concrete5 option.

The only thing I can think of is maybe you have some core overrides in the application folder from a previous install?

Yep, I’m seeing this too on a V8-V9 upgrade.
I reckon new installs will have this changed, but for upgrades there’s nothing that renames it.

I’m also seeing this for the ‘Upgrade concrete5’ page.

The manual solution for now I guess would be to just change these page names via the sitemap:

This might be a good one to make a Github issue for: Issues · concretecms/concretecms · GitHub