External File Storage (S3) moving files from v8 to v9 build issue

I have a site running v8.5.1 with files stored in S3.

We will be rebuilding the site in v9 (I know we could run updates but the client wants it clean).

Is there a way to get the file references from v8.5.1 into v9? I have tried exporting tables from the v8 database and importing into a test v9 build but the files don’t load.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

@lgtlee What add-ons are you using to store files on S3?

Personally, you just need to update the site from 8.5.1 to v9. Since it’s 8.5.1, you need to upgrade it to 8.5.12, then 9.1.3.

In addition to file tables, Concrete store attributes info in various attributes tables. Going through the upgrade is the best and easy way.

Otherwise, the other suggestion is to use migration tools.