Feb Town-Hall questions

Got some questions for the next town-hall? Ask them here and we’ll make sure they don’t get lost.

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Could you tell us more about the new documentation system that’s included with v9 and specifically with Atomix.

  1. Will you complete Atomix documentation? (right now it’s lorem ipsum)
  2. can it be used for anything or only themes?

Just forwarding a message from a Japanese partner, @pictron that he wants to have more in-depth documentation of making V9 supported theme such as container, bootstrap 5 and etc.

  • How it can implement Bootstrap5 and jQuery (compatibility)
  • It looks like it can override block in theme, how it is prioritized? (application, package, concrete, theme override, packaged theme override)


  • Marketplace pick could be just once individual youtube video.
  • When streaming marketplace, you could copy and paste the link to marketplace, so that people can click to go to the add-on page immediately even when you are watching the archive.

I’m doing it for Japanese show.

Can the copy of January on Youtube be spliced to insert the MP news video directly, and so repair the complete deterioration in quality when it was replaying live?
@Katz - do you want an original copy for your JP show?

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@JohntheFish Sorry for the late reply.
Ahh… it’s ok. I’ve already made the edit by myself… I don’t have time to re-edit and publish.

BTW, we should keep reminding about renaming GitHub repo threads as this could affects to many people…

Now I just realized that we should talk about what to do with composer as many legacy codes & installs may be depends on “concrete5/” composer packages.

  1. Numerous requests for enabling some functionality and fixing bugs on this site have been made on this Forum and sent directly to Portland Labs with the contact forms and emails months and months ago. Only very tiny insignificant part of them have been done. I could understand the lack of resources and time. But at least tell us this openly so that we don’t hold hope. Otherwise that kind of attitude ruins the core reputation. Otherwise all partner support initiatives, declarations of partner values and excitement about them look… funny to put it kindly.
  2. Will there be any formal (Concrete) documentation on how to clone and edit the v9 Atomik theme?

Thank you.

A question re. Reinstatement of CSS/JS Cache

The CSS and JavaScript Cache option used to minimize and combine css/js assets in concrete5 versions up to 8.5.7 was removed in version 9.

The Github issue about this is now marked as a ‘Proposal’ and an ‘Enhancement’.

Does this mean we are going to get this feature back? If so, any idea when?

Questions on Bedrock…

The Bedrock Workflow ignores Marketplace Addons - is there any plan to expand Bedrock to provide AddOn asset code?

How does Bedrock work alongside the existing JavaScript and CSS Asset System? Does it replace it or is it designed to work alongside?

Can we have more explanation/clarification of the relationship between Bedrock ‘Features’ as listed in theme.php, the blocks that require them and the bedrock source files that might be used/customized as alternatives?

This is a style guide where you can see how the theme should look, thus the lorem.

Was there a Town Hall yesterday?


Dunno why its not showing up in our feed yet… weird.

It’s showing now :+1: Thank you.

Funny youtube never gave me notification. I was sure sitting here too :expressionless:

yeah very strange. Something must have changed with Streamyard and youtube connection because we set this up the way we always do…