File Manager Defaults

I am using Concrete version 9.2.1 and I am very frustrated by the File manager - the default is listing the files in alphabetical order which is so unhelpful, I can’t think of when I needed to look for files this way. I want it to be sorted as a default by Date Modified with the most recent first. When I click on Date Modified, first of all it sorts them with most recent last which again I never need, so I have to click on Date Modified again to get it to sort the way I want. Now I have set this I want it to stay this way, but if I move away from the File Manager for any reason it defaults back to Name being in alphabetical order. I had a look at the javascript file which governs this (main.js I think) but my Javascript knowledge is not good enough to alter this.

Also why are the thumbnails 41px by 41px? This is just no use to anybody! I can change that quite easily by editing the main.css file in the Concrete Dashboard and changing the size to 100px by 100px but I’m not sure what the thinking behind this is.

On a slightly different topic, on the Dashboard in older versions of Concrete if you were in your Favourites it would stay that way until you chose to go back to Dashboard. Now every time I do anything it defaults back to Dashboard. It’s only a couple of seconds but it just annoys me because it’s another click and another wait and these all add up when I am spending hours everyday editing Concrete sites and it is a regression!

I would love any advice/thoughts on this!

I think these might all be good recommendations for feature requests - of course, it’s not guaranteed they will get accepted but this is the place to make those suggestions - I would just break them out into separate issues: