File Manager Upload + Invalid Form Token

Hello ConcreteCMS’ers,

Looking for a little help here. Recently upgraded a client’s Concrete5 to version 8.5.7 and a new host but I’m continuing to get an ‘invalid form token’ error when attempting to upload a file through the file manager. ‘Incoming File’ upload method works just fine as do other C5 features.

Not sure if this is PHP or .htaccess related but anybody have any insight? Thanks so much in advance!

  • Jordan

A couple of suggestions…
Have you moved from an unsecure (http) site to a secure (https) site, or vice versa?
Have your canonical settings changed or do they need changing?
Have you cleared your site cache and your browser cache?
Is there anything in your htaccess file referencing the old hosts settings.

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Hey @ConcreteOwl , thank you for your help investigating this! Here’s what I’ve got:

  1. No changes in https status. Site was already using https://
  2. I do not believe the canonical settings have changed at all. The primary url is the https:// version WITHOUT the www. I could also send a screenshot of these settings if need be to you.
  3. I have cleared my site and browser cache.
  4. There are pre-existing .htaccess settings and unfortunately I took out all .htaccess rules until there was nothing but the default C5 ‘pretty url’ rule with no effect.

Thanks again, let me know if you have any other ideas. I have the ‘incoming’ file upload method as a fallback but it’s not ideal.

  • Jordan

Try refreshing your Doctrine Entities…
Go to dashboard/system/environment/entities, turn ON ‘Doctrine Development Mode’ and click the ‘Refresh Entities’ button (bottom left of the page).
Then click ‘Save’ (bottom right of the page)
Let us know if it helps…

Worthy idea but still no luck unfortunately :frowning: Any other ideas? So strange…