File uploading / User permissions

I am trying to allow my users to have access to their own files and prevent them from viewing other users and website images.

I have followed various tutorials to set up the File Managers Permissions correctly and also allow certain users to be part of a group that are given access to the dashboard and file manager, etc.

I get an error when the ‘restricted’ user is logged in and trying the access the file manager, the following error occurs:

The given alias ‘f’ is not unique in FROM and JOIN clause table. The currently registered aliases are: n, nt, tf, fv, f.

Any clues as how to fix this? My package I’m building depends on that functionality

Hi @omars786 - if you are able to spin up a demo and recreate this on a vanilla installation it might be a core issue. You might try that, and then if you can recreate it, list the steps you took to get it in that state and submit an issue here:

You might also post your specific permissions configuration steps in case anyone on the forum has some ideas about how to deal with this issue.

you might be building a query in your package using a table alias ‘f’. If yes, try changing it to something else less generic so that it doesn’t conflict with aliases already in use.

For instance if you have somethig like


replace the ‘f’ with something else, ‘file’ for instance