FileManager (Folder preselection no longer works)

I’ve got a problem with the FileManager and I’d like to know if other Concrete users have seen the same thing.

  • Previously (V9.1.3) when the user wanted to upload a file to the FileManager in a specific Folder, he used to navigate to that Folder and the file was directly uploaded in that Folder (Folder preselected in the dialog pannel).

  • Curently, if you navigate to a specific Folder, then upload a file, that file is systematically uploaded to the Root of the FileManager (_preselection no longer works _). The user must then move the file to the desired folder.

This is obviously a regression. I have noticed the presence of this problem since V 9.2.0 and we are currently running under V 9.2.1.

If anyone else is bothered by this issue, I’ve posted a ticket on Github about it. I suggest they add a comment to show that this is a real concern for users.

Github issue is at

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