Fileset Attribute Type in Express

Hello, it’s my dream to have an express object record that links to a fileset and allows me to use the ordering. It’s a project portfolio. Dozens of projects, each with up to 20 images. If I manually create 20 file attributes and my client wants to change order, it will be very clunky. Has anyone ever added a fileset attribute in v9?

I have used a fileset attribute for similar purposes as a page attribute which is then used by an Omni Gallery to display the page (project) images.

I have in the past tested similar for a fileset attribute of an express object, but have not used such on an actual application. Express objects can be quirky.

Yes, you can install File Set attribute package and use it with Express objects.
There were few packages since 5.7, but not sure if there is one working with Concrete 9 (maybe some minor fixes are needed).
Another option is to use multiple file selector attribute, you will find one on the Internet too.

@fridayphoto I was looking at this this morning and yes, there’s still a fileset attribute in the marketplace. Not v9 ready, but as @Parasek says, it could easily be made to work. Fileset Attribute - Concrete CMS

Hello folks, thanks for offering advice! I did send the developer of the addon a private message about custom development work to make that happen. If there are others in the community that could offer a quote for this bit of development (fileset attribute for v9, working with express) please send me a private message.

@fridayphoto I have a modified (v8 8.5.2 - v9 current) working copy of the fileset attribute from the marketplace. If you’re interested send me a pm with a good email address for you and I’ll send you a copy!

Edit: I also now have the marketplace colorpicker attribute working in v9…