Fill Thumbnail Database Job

Is this old automated job relevant in V9+ of ConcreteCMS? Client was using it previously (pre version 9) and we’ve since upgraded their site so I was just wondering if it was anything we needed to pay attention to continuing on into the future. Thanks CCMS Community as always for the assist!

Jobs kind of still work. They need some changes to referenced classes. They will only execute in one big bang - no queue sliced jobs.

I thinks the folks in Japan (@MacareuxDigital) have a package that will run old v8 jobs under a v9 task, but you may still need to edit the code to enable that. I have never used it.

Nice, that’s awesome to know! Is the Thumbnail Database table still in use with v9? Wondering if there’s any reason to update the job or if I can archive it to the wayside now that we’re on v9?

The core now has a Rescan Files task - Recomputes all attributes, clears and regenerates all thumbnails for a file - and a Generate thumbnails task - Recomputes all thumbnails for a file. See dashboard/system/automation/tasks

Here is the @MacareuxDigital package

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You are a legend, thanks John!