Filter and sort Page list with Attributes

He their People

I was woundering if it was possible to modify the Core Page list block to include Filters to show and hide differnt list based on a Page Atribute slection of Catagree?

I have a Directory System running with custom page attributes and settings To show Lists of training Courses and want to them to be filtered and seached based on a select boxes of buttons.

I current do this using a tab(Accordion) system and pre defined Page Lists - but this is heavy and over complex.

Thanks for any advise

You could take a look at @enlil’s Page List

Thank you for the plug @JohntheFish. @carl101lee I’ll be dropping a new version sometime this weekend supporting thumbnails among many other features and bug fixes!

Edit: Looking at this further, it sounds like you want to have front end filtering by attributes. My package’s filtering capabilities are all contained within the edit interface, similar to the core page list block, allowing you to filter by many core attributes without ever needing to create custom templates among it’s many other features.

There’s also Macareux Advanced Page List, but it doesn’t look as though it’s v9 ready yet. This page list includes front end filtering capabilities…

Thanks All

I use concrete5 for a differnt range of site types. I have just started to really use the express objects - as ai Had been using pages - and types for this before .

Now I understand the way it works and how it holds data - My issue is the Front end Lists and Forms - I dont like it when a form submission forces the page to reload and refresh - I want to be able to to dynamic / sortable lists for both the express blocks and page lists blocks - and was woundering the best way to impliment this my self using my own template designs - As I find now that with v9 and the options that concrete5 can handle much larger more complex designs and features.

Hope Some one follows my Gibarish and request.

I saw the addons - but wish to impliment this my self.