Filterin page list

Dear all
I wanted to ask if there is an “onboard” filter for the page list?
I attached an image to show what is needed.

If not, what would be the way to do it?

thank you for your help

You can filter the page list using Topics which you access in System Settings > Attributes > Topics.

For simple cases (when you want to filter by category only), another approach is to create two page types (plus same page templates if needed):

  • category
  • page (or whatever you call it, it’s just example name)

Your sitemap with categories will looks like this at the end:

- Category 1 (page type "category", page template "category")
-- Page 1 (page type "page")
-- Page 2
- Category 2
-- Page 3
-- Page 4
-- Page 5

and so on…

And your links would look like:


Then, you would add 2 page lists:

a) If you can add/edit page template category.php, you can add common global area like “Category filters”.
Otherwise I would recommend using Stack for that and add it for every “category” page.
This block will display pages filtered by “category” page type.
Don’t remember if there is any page list block template that renders horizontal list. But if not, you would have to make/style it by yourself.
Autonav block can also be used for that.

b) Second one is actual page list.
You can also add global area here in page template category.php.
Otherwise manually add page list (or Stack with page list) to every “category” page.
But this time, in block you have to filter by “page” page type + set Location to “Beneath this page”.

Of course, for all of that, you can heavily leverage “Composer” capabilities.

thank you both for the quick answer! i tried first the thing with the topics until now i haven’t figured out how to really use it… :smiley:

but just to be a bit more clear, i am looking for something like this:

  1. the user sees all the news
  2. at the top of the news the filter
  3. if he clicks on “monthly reports” only monthly reports will be shown etc.

actually like this: How To Create a Portfolio Gallery with Filtering
just no pictures, only news.

thank you

worked out! :slight_smile: thank you!
any chance it can be nicely animated?

Check marketplace for more advanced galleries that have masonry templates (they often have filtering with animations).
I have gallery in marketplace that does that too.
You can use Page List and Topics instead default images/tags.
Check Live demo for examples.


thank you so much for your help!

dear parasek
thank you again for the idea, this works fine for now!
would you know, is there a way to show content instead of description (teaser)?
thank you very much!

Is this a question about page list or Grand Gallery block?