Find Out Friday - Boards Discussion

Hi everyone,

We recently had a discussion during our “Find Out Friday” session (where our junior devs ask our senior devs questions) about boards, how they work, and how they could work in the future. We wanted to share that here so we hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for posting the video. I appreciate the exposure of internal thinking. After watching it on repeat half a day, I remain A little bit disappointed with boards.

Almost 18 months since v9 was released and even Portland Labs developers are still struggling with boards.

To quote from the video [Andrew] “I’ll dive into this part and see if I can figure out …” exemplifies why the implementation of boards is too complicated and underlines why the architecture needs to be simpler.

Block templates are simple. Page templates are simple. Page types are simple. Elements are simple. Stacks are simple. v9 introduced containers and they follow the same simple principles. The way themes can extend or override templates is simple.

A re-architecture of boards needs to grow outwards from similar simplicity.


Friday’s meeting was great.
I am even more pleased with the announcement of repairing the installation of all Atomik functionality in case of installing an empty version. Great - can’t wait.

The idea of working with boards seems pretty easy once you have access to it, although I’ve read that from the code side it’s quite confusing and should be cleaner - I can’t speak for that - I’m not a programmer. However, the promises are that the fix will clear up a lot of current problems. That’s cool.

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