A little bit disappointed with boards

I have been looking at how the blog board is built in Atomik and am a little bit disappointed.

I was expecting the slots in the board to be built out from the way Containers work, but it is a completely separate mechanism.

I was expecting the topics filter to be like adding a topics block to an area, like a sidebar or a container area, but it is actually implemented as a hard coded stack display in the board template.

Containers are so simple and elegant in code and in UI. Boards are massively complicated, both in code and in UI.

Whilst I really like the concept, I can’t help but feel the underlying architecture has jumped on the wrong train a while back and ended up a little bit astray.


I would agree that Containers look like a great addition to Concrete, but Boards I am having trouble understanding. We really need a comprehensive tutorial on them, I haven’t found the advantage over pagelists for making a blogs.


Agreed. I just worked on my first v9 theme building project and totally ignored boards because I simply don’t get the concept.

I did use containers though, they are great.

And yes I know I’m late to the party :slight_smile:

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Looks like this will be addressed in a subsequent v9 or v10.

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