First site feedback

I understand the new site has just gone on line, there may be things that need polishing out. But please address the following first site feedback:

  • can’t edit uploaded profile image, it’s a pretty bad resolution
  • I can’t see all my addons, only the first 20 are shown, where are the rest?
  • all my showcases are gone from profile, will they be transferred from the old site or I have to add them again?
  • I made a few replies in some forum topics, they’re not appearing in the Latest
  • Can the forum show the latest replies not only to the latest topics but simply latest replies to any topic?
  • How can I add a new International Community category “Русский” with a red square :slight_smile: ?
  • Returning from Forums asks for main site password, looks like Forums either don’t stop the session from expiring or simply clear it
  • the profile says “This user has no posts yet” although I made one
  • the profile achievements pictures don’t show tips, can’t figure out what some of them mean
  • after logging in on main site and clicking on the profile icon at the header menu, the link takes you back to the login and says you’ve already logged in, it has to take you to the profile page instead. But if you visit any page after login and then click on the profile menu icon, it clears the session and asks for password again. Even worse on a mobile version - there is simply no menu option to select your profile, there’s only the profile icon which takes you to either login or to the page asking to enter the password. Something’s broken here. The desktop site has profile sub-menus, the mobile one doesn’t - it’s impossible to get to the profile on a mobile site, there are no links to it anywhere on site.
  • Forums option ‘Open all external links in a new tab’ works only from open posts, not from the main Forums page
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Hello all!
I didn’t want to open a new topic so I continue this one. I hope this is ok.
Forum looks great, but what about old forum content?
Also, the marketplace used to have a Deals page ( I believe). How can that be accessed on the new site?


does not allow you to go to page 2

Also on footer not sure why forums are listed under Support and Community both places while they are linked to same forum

Footer Social Media links not working

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Hello and Welcome! Thank you so much for your thorough q&a. @linuxoid See my inline responses:

My profile photo and information is older than our last redesign :laughing: I need to update my info badly. what about you? I’ll test the photo area today.

Great idea. I’ll reserve the red square for Русский, and let’s follow up on the internationalization in a separate thread, it deserves some thought and its own discussion on moderation and governance with the new discourse forums.

Is this in your profile? or in the marketplace?

These last few seem to all be related.
My account did something similar this morning. We’ll look into this more. Are you having any issues posting?

Cheers and thank you again for all your feedback, it’s really helpful!

Here’s the new link. Deal Of The Day - concrete5

Hi Jessica.

How do I make a quote here?

  1. my profile picture degrades after upload. why doesn’t it keep the original quality? it’s better to require reduced image size before upload rather than degrading it after
  2. thank you for the red square reservation :+1: :grinning:
  3. I can’t see the rest of my addon in my profile, there’s gotta be a list with all of them, there are only 20 of them now. there was a complete list of all addons on the public profile page, it’s completely gone.

New item:

  • please add a ‘back to top’ button in the Forums because some posts can be pretty long, it’ll be great to simply click the button to go to the top rather than scrolling

I don’t have any issues posting.

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@jessicadunbar I re-uploaded my profile pic from the original on my desktop from ages ago. It comes from an image that’s not perfectly square. There was no option to resize and save, leaving the profile image distorted in its square state. I had to pre-crop the image to square before upload, to get a crisp undistorted image…

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Hello, site admins.

Are these concerns, bugs, suggestions, requests addressed in any way? Thank you.