Font size issue

In edit mode, concretes ui font size gets reduced down (to10px I think).
When I look at the element through a browser dev tools it points to concrete/css/cms.css and the font-size: 1rem if I disable the font-size it goes to the desired size.
I’ve gone through my custom blocks and theme and removed all mention of font-size: 10px

Does anyone have any ideas?


Check html tag in browser inspector, what font-size is set there.
Default values in most browser is 16px/100%.

Developer could use the

html {       
font-size: 62.5%; 
/* 62.5% of the base size of 16px = 10px.*/

trick, which would translate to 1 rem = 10px (1,6 rem = 16px etc).

Since font size is set to 1rem by Concrete UI, it will calculate size from root element (html tag).

Another option is, that you have set base small font size in browser/operating system settings (to 10px so 1 rem= 10px).

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If your theme is using Bootstrap3 this happens, it’s something I’ve been battling in my v9 upgrades.

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Yea I think I’ve tracked it down to the scaffolding.less
I think need to remove the bootstrap CDN usage.