Form Add on with Conditional Formatting

I took over a project, and its my first Concrete CMS site. I need to add a form that allows conditional formatting. Any recs? I am on 8.5.9.

The one I would l have a look at is Formidable for version 8. It has conditional logic but check to see if it fully meets your requirements. Just to avoid confusion the developer refers to conditional logic as ‘dependency’.

(Formidable (Full Version) - Concrete CMS).

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This has just dropped, and has a ton of options for creating complex forms Form Reform - Concrete CMS

I bought formidable and got it working the way I need, took some time to learn it, I am a WP dev 99% of the time. Contact PORT Health | Mental Health and Substance Use Services

Thank you both for the replies.

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Form Reform can do this on big scale using conditional pipeline actions and multi-step forms.

For example, depending on something entered in the first step(state) of the form the next part of the form shown is step2 or step3. Then at the end of step2 or step3 go to step4. That kind of logic can be built on to implement multi-step forms that vary depending on the data entered at each step.

Generic conditional fields on a micro scale - such as ‘show a text field if a checkbox is ticked’ are on the roadmap. Or if you can do some basic block development, it would be easy to code a block with the pair of inputs to extend Form Reform.

Sounds very interesting will definitely have a look!