Form information

Dear all
I try to translate the form info!mation, if something goes wrong eg.:

  • The field Name is required.
    Can I only do this via the PHP file?
    Thank you very muchè

Easiest way is to translate through “Translate Site Interface” dashboard page.
But look for string:

Field "%s" is required.

Wait, I need to check if this string is actually from express block or custom string. I will write back soon.

It seems Concrete doesn’t look for translations in application/concrete folder.
Guess, it’s a bug? Though I haven’t researched it much.

For now, you can create file translations.php in application/src (it doesn’t matter where though) and add source string:


t('The field %s is required.');

Concrete should pick this up when reloading strings in “Translate Site Interface” dashboard page.
Translate it, clear cache and it should display translated string in form.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:
I think this should somehow be easier in future…?!

It should. I am pretty sure, it worked normally in previous versions.
But haven’t worked that much with version 9 yet.