Form Reform - new forms addon

Now approved and in the marketplace, Form Reform is a new form building system for v8 and v9 that re-thinks the way you build forms in Concrete CMS. Form Reform - Concrete CMS

Each input type is a Concrete CMS block. You can design and layout forms as you would any arrangement of blocks in a page.

When a form is submitted, processing is managed through a fully configurable processing pipeline.

Form Reform is easy to adapt and extend by developers and agencies. Create a new template for an input block, add a new type of input block or add a new handler class for a new processing pipeline action.

I could write more, but I would only be repeating what is already provided by the extensive documentation and example forms at Also watch a 15-minute YouTube video:


Well done @JohntheFish. The breadth of features here is exceptional. Pipelines and multi-step will be well received, I am sure.

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I looks epic, I will be taking a better look at this soon.

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Got to play with this in review. Absolutely amazing! @JohntheFish never disappoints. This will become a marketplace go-to for sure!!

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Thank you all for the positive thoughts.

I have a roadmap of ideas for the future extension of Form Reform
Please post if you would like me to prioritise any aspect of that or have other ideas for onward development.

Above all else, Form Reform is intended as a framework for onward development by myself and by others. I am keen to support anyone developing/releasing addons with further form input blocks, new form handler functionality and theme integrations.


This is without a doubt one of the best ConcreteCMS add-ons of all time. I’ve seen a lot of them and even made a couple of decent ones myself. But John, you’ve outdone yourself this time. An original approach to tackling an old problem - how to manage forms. But it’s elegant, scalable and customisable. There’s so many things that could be done with this - the options are limitless. Bravo!

Extras for Form Reform are in review for the marketplace. Details on my support site at:

v9.0.4 of Form Reform introduces a bunch of new functionality including address lookup and geocoding as a form input control and as a form handler plugin.

New form inputs:

  • Address Lookup (Google places API),
  • Radio Matrix,
  • Checkbox Matrix,
  • Latitude/Longitude,
  • Grouped Select,
  • State Select (pick a state within a configured country)

New handler:

  • Address Geocode (Google geocode API).
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Form Reform Display is now approved and free in the marketplace. It provides blocks for in-page display of forms submitted with Form Reform.

Form Reform v9.0.7 now integrates with Snapshot to provide form controls for uploading files by Drag/Drop, from Webcam devices and from Screengrabs.

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Its been a while since I last posted about Form Reform. My exciting news is that Form Reform now supports repeatable groups of form inputs. Behind the scenes, a repeatable group is a DOM element containing the form blocks to be repeated. From a Concrete CMS point of view, this can be a container, stack or layout.

Some new extensions and updates to Form Reform are now in the marketplace.

With users creating more complex forms and project specific extensions, to help them along we now have Form Reform Developer which includes tools to analyse forms, spot issues, and divulge internal data. Form Reform Developer is FREE.

Form Reform Image Picker provides a form input block that can use pretty much any Image Gallery or Slider to pick images. Image Picker is FREE if you are using it with Omni Gallery, or $20 for use with any other image source.

Form Reform Attributes, Express and Users was released a couple of months ago to save form data to Express and User attributes. It has since been extended with select, checkbox and radioset input blocks that populate from Express and User attributes, and handlers to move a user between groups.

@mnakalay has published and integration to use Anti Spammer Master with Form Reform.

The core of Form Reform has been extended with Combi Input types, Text Suggestions, support for Multi-page forms (Form Reform already supported multi-step forms), Rating, Up-Down Vote and Like inputs. See Advanced Capabilities for more details.