Form submission question

Hey all

I have a form that I need on a site for a local art festival, which I have created. All of the typical fields, along with a file upload so that people can upload and image of their artwork.

The issue that I have is that some people will be submitting multiple works for inclusion, so I somehow need to be able to have them submit the initial form and then to be able to just add / change the artwork details and image file to submit a second / third / forth time etc, without having to fully complete all of their other details such as name, phone address each and every time.

Is something like this possible to do, and if so, any advice on how it could be done would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks


If you’re using an Express form you could use this free package that adds a multi-file attribute you can use in your express form: Login :: Concrete CMS Community

It will help with the files but it won’t help with the details though.

Don’t think that is going to work unfortunately. I think I am going to have to go external for the form features that i need for this one. Have already been experimenting and it seems to work pretty well using Jotforms.

Thanks for the reply!

You could try