Form - upload - file storage locations


I was looking into… to create a folder outside of the root directory to store privacy-sensitive files.

Q: Is there a way to automatically use this location for specific forms? And not having to manually move the files within the file manager (easy to forget and users can upload at any time even if you’re not ready to secure them manually). Don’t want to set is as the default location obviously.

Q: Can I limit the File Upload input type accepted filetypes to be only (doc,pdf,…) for specific forms?

I know you can add them to fileset (easy to manage) but I don’t want them to be available with a public link and secure the files immediately.

This is copied verbatim from the old forums. Have you tried the suggestions from that thread?


Please have a look at

It does exactly that, it moves the uploaded files into the selected folder and it checks for the permitted file types.

Or you can use file events to move the added file(s):