Forms and 9.0.2

I’m trying to add the forms block to a page and keep getting this error

A managed+dirty entity Concrete\Core\Entity\Attribute\Key\Settings\TextSettings@1465 can not be scheduled for insertion.

Any Ideas

Hi @rdealmeida When do you get the error; when you drag the block or after you click save? What fields did you use for the form block? A little more info will help troubleshoot. Thanks!

OOps… Sorry… ( need coffee )
I’m using the form to create a “Contact Us” form. There are four fields, First Name, Last Name, Email, and Comments, and I’m using “Text” for the first two fields. “Email” for email. “Text Area” for comments. It’s only when I try to save it that I get the error.
I’ve tried this on some of my 9.0.2 sites and have had the same issue. When I upgrade to 9.1.1 everything works correctly

Is this a really long form? Sometimes if you are adding lots and lots of fields you can run into problems saving. I recommend doing 4 fields, saving, then another 4 fields, then saving. Typically that avoids this inconsistent issue.