Forms and Global areas in a multilingual site (9.02)

Hi there good ConcreteCMS people
I have a couple of questions I hope someone can help answer

  1. In a multilingual site, is there a way to make the form topics/subjects work? I have tried with Concrete 8.57 and every time I translate a form in a language, it copies over to the ones on the other language trees.
    I have a form in English siting at /site/en/registration that’s in English and when I translated the copy on /site/fr/registration it also translated everything on /site/en/registration.
    I tried to change the URL of the french version to /site/fr/inscription but it still doesnt work

  2. Global areas (site-wide headers and footers) is there a way to make this different per language tree?

Thanks in advance

Yes, if you go into the following 1. Stacks & Global Areas >Global Areas and select the area. Then you will see a dropdown at the top as per the image below.

OMG! I feel like an idiot now :smile:

Thanks you so much! you’re a life savor