Forms - where did it go?

I created a form, and deleted the container on the page. I then dragged the FORM block over to the container and I am unable to find the form.

I did see that there is something called expressed (rather vague) under the right side management menu. I created an instance and pointed it to the FORM.

When I go back to the form block the instance shows, but only one field displays.

I am very confused how this Concrete system handles a simple task of selecting forms.

I simply want to use the same form I created previously and not create new ones everytime.

See already the official documentation on How to add Forms to your website

I also found this video: Building Custom Forms in concrete5 CMS - YouTube

Then, I’m not sure if I understood the problem precisely, but it happened to me several times to create questions and to forget to save them (when the question is long the save button is not always visible, a small ergonomic problem).

On the previous video, the “Add question” button at 4:34 (Building Custom Forms in concrete5 CMS - YouTube)

Then, you have to save the whole form, it is only from there that it is available for the site or for copy and paste on other pages.

Sorry for the confusion.
I added a form to a page, added the necessary fields etc. I then removed it when I learned I can change the layout and add columns with the intention of simply dragging the form block over and reselecting the form form. But, when I clicked on Added Form Block → Add Form → Choose Express Entity Form → **Choose Entity Form I only have the Entities shown in the image attached. However, when I use said Entity form I only get one entry feild, see screen cap (2nd).

It would seem to me, that if a form is created it should be availbe in the form widget, or block. Maybe don’t have Concrete5 configured properly?

Well, seems I may not provide images to help explain the situation (lol) so readers will have to, in the words of Spong Bob, Use their imaginations :wink:

Ok, I think I figured out what I have to do, atleast it seems to work.
I added the Form to a stack, and now I can add the stack to the page.
Though this works, it is a very combersume solution to what should be naitive to the Form Widget or Block. Maybe this functionality can be added?
Form Block → Select Existing Form (?).

I would mark this as “solved” but I am wondering if there is a better way to do this?
@zpartakov Thank you for the link you provided it lead me to the “Stack” concept, I a very new to Concrete and hoping it provides the solution I am seeking. Making the transition from WP and trying to coorolate the functionality presents a learning curve.
Thanks for your help

Hello seanc21. Creating a form by adding the Express Form block to the page and adding fields from there will create an Express Entity in the backend but unfortunately not one that will be listed in the block listed when selecting entities.

What you need to do if you want to be able to select an existing entity from the form block, is to create the Entity in the dashboard.

You’d navigate to System & Settings > Express > Data Object.

From there you’d create a new Entity. Then you’d add attributes to your entity. Attributes are the fields you require. Then you’d create a form for your entity. Then you’d publish that entity.

Once that’s done, your entity and the form you attached to it will be selectable from the Form block you add to the page.

Now if what you wanted was just to move the form out of the container and still be able to use it, a good option would have been to copy the form from your page into the clipboard. Then you could add it back to the page the way you add a block. CLick add block on your page and then select “Clipboard” where it says “Blocks” in your left-side menu. You’ll find the form previously copied and you’ll be able to drag it to your page.

Having said so, when creating Express forms, creating all from the page as you did is a convenient way but, although it is more tedious, creating an Entity from the dashboard is really the superior way in terms of flexibility.