Forums + Website : Dark Theme please?

For those of us visually impaired, an all-white theme as the only option really adds extra strain to our eyes. Could we please at a minimum get a Dark Theme option for the forums? And one for the main site too? (even if it requires logging in, worth it).

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As an interim solution, have you tried something like this?

Whilst not perfect, it actually did a fairly decent job of adjusting the forums from a quick test I just did.
(I’m not the right person for a test though, I prefer white background for everything!)

I have been toying with creating a addon that creates a dark theme for Concrete CMS dashboard pages.

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I’m talking about the forums, not c5 websites themselves. And browser plugins to “force” dark mode are often more trouble than they’re worth. It would be preferable to have an actual Dark Theme we could switch to as a user preference built-in to the forums here. I bet the admins could just go get a theme today already made and install it for us to use. I can’t be the first person to want to have a Dark Theme ability for Discourse.

@BloodyIron I can’t make any promises, but I can advocate for this. There’s a dark mode built-in to Discourse, but we had to disable it because it conflicted with our customizations. We should revisit it though!

Has anyone had a positive experience with using “dark mode” theme settings in browsers for Concrete themed websites? Specifically Chrome and/or Edge. I’m looking for something similar to this in functionality; (left nav high contrast choice selection). Anyone working on an Add-On?

This is probably a good question for a new post - this post is about dark mode theme for this particular site.

If you want dark mode / high contrast to meet accessibility requirements, we have recently approved 2 addons.

Also in September marketplace news

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Looks like Dark Mode for this forum is working just fine for me :wink: